2nd Neuro appointment


I have my 2nd neurologist appointment tomorrow. I just wondered what to expect? I have RRMS just over a year diagnosed I have written a diary of all my symptoms and relapses I have experienced in the last year. Would they change my medications or do more MRIS or is it just a chat?

Any info would be great :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel, I doubt that they would do another MRI - no point you’re already diagnosed. They should ask you how you are and how you’re coping. They should check you are on the right medication for your symptoms. Relapses - if 2 significant you should be offered DMDs. What I suggest is to google NICE guidelines to MS - doctors law to see what to expect and what you’re entitled to. Good luck Min xx

Hi Min,

Thanks for the reassurance! They are sending me off for another MRI as they think I may have something else going on as well as the MS or that my MS has gotten worse since they saw me last and I have appointment with a physio tomorrow to help my walking get better so shall see how things go :slight_smile: