2nd MRI with contrast

Hi All

Well today i had my second MRI with contrast get my results week on Friday . On one hand want answers as tingling and numbness never go and about a month ago my legs started to feel very stiff when walking and even trying to do the simple things like go up an down stairs have become a chore ( feel as if i am 90 ) none of these sypmtoms ever go away fade slightly but always come back strong but i have to say not painfull …

but on the other hand not sure how i will feel if DX. Suppose what will be will be…

Thanks for reading


Hi there I’m having the same on Friday and results Saturday. Scary but at least we will get an answer and treatment. Hope you get on ok :slight_smile:

Good luck to you both…limbo land sucks. I hope you both get some answers as I am still waiting. Hugs Kirstie x

Good luck Harley & Mandy with your results. Let us know how you get on.



Thank you will let you all know how it goes

Mandy xx Good luck Harley at least you get your answers sooner xx

Thanks all. Will let u know what happensx