2nd MRI results are in.....any clues?

Hi,second post of the day, and my arm is still killing and now foot has started spasming...owwwwwch.

Anyway, I just called the neuro's secretary to see if the results of my second MRI were in.  She said that he had dictated a letter to my GP and it showed that I have one new lesion in the brain since the last MRI, but the spine ones were fine.  She then said that she could arrange for the letter to be FAXED to the GP tomorrow - is she saying that I ought to ring the GP to discuss results? 

She has also made me an appointment to see the neuro on 22 August.

Just a bit confused as to what I should do - I know I should have asked on phone but I always do that - don't say things at the time then wonder later. 

I'm a bit worried now - what does 'one new lesion mean'


Hi Amanda,  I think she is saying you should go and see your GP after he/she has received the fax. 

Phone the surgery tomorrow afternoon (or Monday) and ask if they have received the fax. If so, make an appointment to see GP (or you could ask to speak to GP on phone if you prefer).

It's hard to say what one new lesion could mean without knowing your history... ie if you are actually diagnosed with MS following previous MRI?

However, keep in mind, that whatever is showing on MRI your symptoms are still the same as before you knew about the new lesion. Having more medical info doesn't actually change that situation (if that makes sense?).

It's great that neuro secretary was so helpful and you have another neuro appointment so soon.

Remember... 'one day at a time'...

Pat x happy2



One new lesion means just that - there was one new lesion on your MRI, but that everything else was the same.

As Pat says, give the surgery a phone in the morning. Maybe the fax will have more info in it that your GP can explain to you.

Karen x

I was just a bit worried when she made a point of saying that she would fax it to the Gp instead of posting it.  I'm going to ring tomorrow afternoon and see if they have it.  

@PATb - I'm not diagnosed yet, the first MRI showed signs of inflammation backed up by the LP.  I have an enlarged blind spot in my left eye, consistant with the ON I had years ago.  Neuro wanted more MRI scans as I mentioned painful cramping in feet and intense itching at last appointment.

Is a 'lesion' the inflammation he mentioned to me?  He has not really elaborated on anything in previous appointments......


Lesion is a kind of catch all word that means damage. MS-like inflammation causes lesions and the two words (inflammation and lesion) are sometimes used interchangeably by neuros. So, yes, the inflammation the neuro talked about is probably this lesion.