20, In limbo, wondering about temperatures?

Hi, as the title says i’m 20 and currently in Limbo. Doctors are positive I’ve got MS, i’m just in the process of ruling everything else out before I can begin any treatment. I guess I was just wondering a few things. With this hot weather I know MS symptoms are likely to worsen, however I’m still in bed with a hot water bottle and blanket! I was just wondering if anyone else was like this? I’m rarely ever warm, and only ever feel warm when I’m directly in the sun, out of it however is a different matter!


I’m sorry you are suffering ad hope you are managing to keep as warm as you can at the moment.

I found a good fact sheet on the MS Society website. If you click on MS Support then there is a factsheet on there which explains how people with MS can suffer with extreme heat or extreme coldness. I didn’t realise that MS sufferers suffer with the cold as I am always really warm and never cold.

Hope this helps a bit.

Take care

Shazzie xx