15 min diagnosis??

So finally go to my neurology appointment today. I had a bad time yesterday at college due to my symptoms so I was really looking forward to this. I’ve been struggling since feb I was hoping for answers but I just feel brushed off.

I get there early and I overhead one of the nurses say to another patient before me that doctor was behind at the moment so he would see him when he could. She wasnt wrong, he called me out later than my actual appointment and I was probably in there for under 15 mins.

Now, I dont want to be a dick and call every man doctor the same (some have been really nice) but I tend to be overlooked a lot more by male doctors from personal experience, specially when they know about my anxiety/depression/ADHD/EUPD. I didnt want to hold him to it but soon as I sit down I can sense it was going to be very much shit.

He was asking me questions about my symptoms and Id been a bit stupid. Id wrote stuff down in a notepad but left them in the waiting room I told them that but he didnt care so I had to wing it. He seemed really annoyed at my answers because I couldnt answer them quick enough, struggled to process his question or struggled to remember past events (my mind kept blanking) and he was firing them at me so quickly. I also forgot to mention the fatigue and other things which I am very annoyed at myself with. He then did the physical test of which he breezed through. When my GP did it they took time and care with it. It all felt very rushed.

Eventually I sat back down and he asked me what I thought its was. The obvious answer is I suspect ms but I didnt say it as if I have learnt anything from nhs doctors is to not say you feel its something. Did that with ADHD in the past and it took me 3 years to finally be taken seriously and not just seen as an anxious depressed woman googling symptoms. He said my GP suspected MS (didnt know that till he said it) but he thinks its FND and headaches because of adhd + migraines means you must be stressed. I tried explaining my headaches didnt feel like my usual migraines ect but he didnt care. He said hed sent me some stuff via email about it and basically wanted to shoo me away but I asked him what do I do now then? He said “sort your headaches out and in a few months we will get you into the clinic for a neuro physiotherapist if youre still struggling”.

I just feel defeated. I am not denying its FND very well may be but 15 mins to decide that? I just dont feel it was through enough and he has just presumed because I am a very stressed person because its like his ears perked up when I mentioned my old adhd medication (he didnt even know what concerta was I had to tell him its adhd medication). Also, what am I meant to do in the mean time? I have to use both my hands at college and I cant because my left side has gone to shit. It struggle to walk around and in order to fix all that I have to wait months to see someone? Ive done nothing but cry since I got home the whole thing felt so dismissive and now I am looking into dropping out of college. Ironically he said “some people are just stressed and make it worse as they arent aware its FND youll feel better soon” but after all that I actually feel even more stressed than before. My symptoms are funnily enough the same too. I have another doc appointment on thursday I am going to ask for a second opinion.