10 years ago today...

I was at the seaside with friends & I got a very painful spot on my eyebrow. (My friends were all laughing as I was making such a fuss about a little spot).

That spot turned into shingles over the right side of my face & head.

Those shingles led me to the GP as I felt SO ill & couldn’t recover my strength.

That trip to the GP led to a dx of ‘post viral fatigue’ & 6 weeks off work.

That 6 weeks led me back to the GP as I was still so tired and weak & could hardly get out of bed let alone work (& was eventually made redundant).

That trip back to the GP led to a referral to an ME specialist.

That appointment with the ME specialist got me dx with ME & referred for a ‘routine’ brain MRI.

That brain MRI showed some ‘worrying bright spots’.

Those worrying bright spots led to an appointment with a neuro.

That appointment with a neuro led to having a lumbar puncture.

That lumbar puncture led to a dx of MS in 2008.

That dx of MS led to a dx of PPMS in 2010 (plus a realisation that I’d been ignoring weird symptoms for years).

And it all started with that little spot on my eyebrow on the 1st of January 2006.

Life eh?

Pat xx


You make it sound so simple Pat but I’m sure in reality it was a total nightmare? I love the style in which you’ve written it

My dog Lottie was born on that day so something good happened!

Happy New Year to everyone,

Nina X

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Hugs darling. Life’s a bitch etc etc. It’s great how we get on with this ShIte and it becomes the norm. XXX


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i had my first really bad ms relapse on the 1st january but it was 1992, i woke up completely numb down my left side, we had been out new years eve and i had got very drunk,so i thought i was badly hungover.

i cant believe i have had ms this long.

J x

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The phrase ‘read between the lines’ comes to mind.

Very well put Pat, there’s an autobiography waiting to be written. I hope the rest of your MS journey is very slow and very boring alongside a very active and very exciting life.

Jan x


Not the nicest anniversary and you’ve made what was almost certainly a very difficult and stressful, not to mention drawn out time look very simple and straight forward.

Take care of yourself.

Cath x


Same thing .

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It does sound simplistic Pat…bet reality felt a whole lot different.

Pam x

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Life is a bitch, as least you have us for company. M x


Perfect, well said laugh

Sonia x

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10 years ago, I was coming to terms with losing my mum, we were renting a shoebox with an unheated single glazed downstairs bathroom and a steep narrow staircase upstairs. Coming down them was a work of art. I’d been diagnosed 12 years and was still working full time. Now. I’m retired, have a wonderful wife and daughter and live in a cosy ground floor flat which is all paid for. My wife is doing part time work and I have a piano pupil. The changes were all small things and life still has huge problems, but I won’t give up giving the beast two fingers.

Best wishes, Steve.