yawn where are you?

yawn aka Bren

i’ve been missing from the forum but i’m back!!

please message me when you see this.


I don’t think Bren is on the forum anymore.

Hi, I met Bren once some years ago…a lovely lass. I`m just back today after a 7 year break and a new diagnosis! xxxxxxxxx

I’m in regular contact with Bren I’ll mention to her that she was been asked about on the forum, I don’t think she comes on here now but I could be wrong. I’ll ask her

Hi Polls. I just knew you’d not been away from the forum for that long as I joined about four years ago and remember your leaving post. Anyway,I found an old post of yours from July 2017. I’m kinda pleased I’ve not lost my marbles completely!

Ahh right Popps! I was looking for my old posts and only saw back to 2013…so your sleuthing was worthwhile! July 17 eh? Not so long afterall. xx

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You made me wanna remember when I left the forum. So just been going through pages and pages on the mad AD thread. I got up to June 2017. There`s some certifiable madness there…but oh so funny! So when was my last post please?

I’m looking…

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Well Polls, all I could do was find you on the Brain Fog thread however as “boudica” no longer exists (!) you don’t have a history to find the last activity.

Yeh, I tried to look for history from before…but its gone. Neer mind, I`m here again!