Worried Mum getting worse and whether Dad can cope

Mum (72) was first diagnosed about 15 years ago and has been at the secondary progressive stage for at least 5 years. Has a catheter, bed/wheelchair bound and relies on my Dad as full carer. Twice in last month she’s had high temps leading to vomiting, chills and diarrhoea. Dad just about managed but has also had a few health scares recently. They do have carers morning and night but I worry it’s getting harder for Dad to cope as Mum is finding it harder to use arms and legs just don’t work. Not sure what to do or how to approach with them, don’t know if we’re getting towards “the end” for Mum or if just bad luck

Well, I thought perhaps my daughters had written his, as it 's so very similar to
I’ve had chronic PPMS for 25 years. Hubby is primary carer, but has health issues of his own.

I have just requested a new care assessment to increase from 30 hours, plus 2 nights to whatever they allow me. pay £104 a week towards costs.

I suggest your mum does ask for more help too.