Worried about symptoms

Evening all.

Hope you are well.

Ive had some symptomps that i have been concerned about and am trying to figure out what they are.

All my searches revert mainly to MS.

The symptoms im experienceing are listed below and not all necessarly at the same time.

  1. Feeling tired and a general lack of energy

  2. Thigh muscles ache and tingle and feel wobbly but haven’t done any exercise or exerted myself.

  3. Muscles in the back of my knees ached as above.

  4. Muscles in back of calf’s as above.

  5. Prickly (pins and needle) sensations around the tops of my knees, back of calfs and also left hand.

  6. Muscle in my left arm bysep ache as above

  7. Mild itching all over including face and scalp.

  8. More recently numb sensation in both legs, feels like my clothes are tickling my legs, this runs from below my knee to my feet.

Ive had full blood tests done to included B12 and vitamin D and all have come back which leaves we worried, i stuggle with anxiety at the best of times

I just wondered if this is something to be concerned about and at what to do i push to see a neurologist for an MRI scan

Many thanks for taking the time to read im a 29yr old Male