worried about my child getting MS

Hi, lately I have been more anxious about my son getting MS, is this something anyone else worries about or should I just not stress about it? He likes being indoors so not getting enough vit d, will start giving him some I think!!

my mum never worried about me getting it (as far as i know). and i still got it.

i guess ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you worry or not, it won’t make a difference to your kid. but it might make a difference to your health!

to supplement their regular balanced diet with some Vit D caps (or sunbathed mushrooms) isn’t going to hurt. in fact it was recent news that the gov was considering the fortification of cereals and milk etc with Vit D…

Hi Sophie,

It’s true that with a case already in the family, the riskss are higher, but it’s still not a hereditary disease, and the chances are that your son won’t get the disease. Vitamin D3 supplements are a good idea, though.

I don’t have children, but worry about my nephews, even though the relationship isn’t as close.

I’m already the second case in the family, but the last one wasn’t a “close” relative, so I know the genes are swilling around in our genepool somewhere, and that we must have a familial propensity, that could potentially show itself in any of us.

I’ve encouraged my sister to give the boys Vitamin D supplements, and also suggested she and my brother ought to be on them too - I’m not sure if they’ve bothered.

My brother is very dismissive of any familial risk, and tends to shrug his shoulders, and say: “Pah, so what?”

My elder nephew is going the same way. He’s just coming up to 13, and refused to take the supplements. My sister feels he’s of an age where she can’t lay the law down about these things - he can’t be “made” to take a supplement he doesn’t want to.

I’d have slightly more peace of mind if I knew he was taking them, but he’s at an age where he won’t be told, so that’s that.



This is probably worth reading.


Go Canada eh!?

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I have my maple leaf in my hand… :wink: Boo Tories !!! Off to hug a tree.

Thank you all for your replies, think Im going to get my son to take vit d, wont hurt, and could help! xxx

I was told if I got it then my boys wouldn’t. Paolo’s pissed on that bonfire though…

BetterYou DLUX make a vitamin D3 oral spray for children. Our grandchildren take that much more readily than they would pills, they seem to like the taste