worried about diagnosis

Hi I’m very new to this, but wondering if I should be worried about MS? My first symptoms stated 6 years ago when I was 25 with back spasms resulting in extreme pain moving on through the years into sharp muscle shocks in legs. Doctors were baffled to why this was happening. I’ve had other symptoms such as headaches, eye pain muscle weakness. Most recently things have changed dramaticly with muscle twitches in arms and diaphragm and loss co-ordanation in my legs and arms, speach problems and finding the right words to say along with extreme fatigue. I was referred to my doctor to a medical assessment ward at the local hospital.had an mri on brain which was clear. Went back to same hospital for lumbar puncture to be told I’m being referred urgently to a specialised unit for ms diagnosis. I’m really worried and just wondered if anyone has experienced this and what I should expect. Thank you x

(((Hugs))) You’ve found a good place to get advice and support. Your symptoms are very different from mine, but MS is a very individual disease - two people with MS can have very different symptoms and severity.

A good place to check out, if you haven’t already, is the Signs and Symptoms section of the website:

While it must be scary to be told you are being referred to a specialised unit, it does show that you’ve got good doctors looking after you, and hopefully it won’t be too long until you get some definite answers.

hi emzy

look on this as a fast track to your diagnosis.

take care

carole xx

Hi, try not to worry, it might not be as bad as you’re thinking. Your doctors seem to be acting quickly, which is very good. Once they have the test results they’ll hopefully give you a diagnosis & suggest a way forward for you. It’s scarey not knowing, but you’re going to the right place. MS can be so varied, it seems that no two people are the same.

Good luck, you’ll get lots of support here.

Rosina x

Thank you so much for your reply. It’s very true that people are very different and can experience all different symptoms, that’s why it’s so hard to get my head round what it could be. I should hopefully be referred to this specialist in under two weeks. The waiting is the worst. X