since telling my boss i have ms he asks me if I’m coping.when i asked about holidays to havesome time off, he said that i could make up the time off, unless i’m not coping.When i go into work at 9.30 i am not allowed to leave til 5.I have to have lunch at the desk inbetween serving customers. i was always allowed to read at the desk, just aslong as I was there to serve people.

He came in a few weeks back when i was reading at the desk and he had a go at me for it saying it looks cr&p, I look cr&p etc etc infront of people in the shop. I argued that i hadn’t ignored the people in the shop and actually I can have a lunch break, its a legal requirement. he said if i need a lunch break he will have to advertise my job or half my hours as i can’t cope.

last week someone came into the shop asking if there were any job boss said that he has got someone who’s been working for him for a long time but to leave a cv as she may not be staying. This was infront of me.

if i did agree to half my hours from 20ish to 10hrs a week, what would happen to my benefits , (child tax credit) ?

i keep looking for other employment but there is not much work about, or its temporary.