Ok so not sure if this is the right place but …

So I am one of the lucky ones, sort of, I still work.

I was diagnosed with PP some 10 years ago and then it wasn’t too bad

However mobility has become a real issue in the last 2 years, gone from stick and occasional wheelchair to crutches and scooter all the time.


5 years ago i got a job at a large accountants (I+

i am in IT) on the first floor and all was good, they were told I had MS.

Over the years I have changed from 5 days a week in the office to 2. This is an unofficial change that helps me, my boss has been very good.

Last year tI was moved me to the ground floor away from my department because the HSE deemed that if there was a fire I could get out - fair play.

Last week, the firm handed back the ground floor to the building owner to save money and I got moved back to the first floor.

Now as my mobility has waned, I am very worried even stressed about what I would fo if there was a fire.

I spoke to the HSE, she was really interested in helping until I mentioned there was no disabled toilet on the first floor, at which point she said i should work from home 5 days a week. I then asked about the EVAC chair and was told that there was no one there with training in it, and the head office had told her not to use it as it was rubbish.

The next day she said she had been asked to a meeting regarding me with my boss and the office manager. I asked if i could go but was ignored.

After the meeting my boss spoke to me to say that the three people in the meeting did not know what to do and it was being passed to someone else. I asked about insurance and he asked me to leave the building immediately and not to go back to the office until something was sorted out - when I do not know.

So,what do you all think ? Will they try to sack me?

I was given 6 weeks paid garden leave whilst they bought an evacuation chair and trained people to use it. A bit carp as I can’t garden!!

They also built push button electric doors (even to disabled loo) and built a ramp to front door. Took 18 months from asking until done. A bit too long if I’m honest but at least done.

I had to push a bit. The evac chair is quite cheap and training is easy.

good luck


No, they can’t sack you, they have to make reasonable adjustments. At least it sounds like they’re taking their responsibilities seriously - I assume you will be on full pay while you’re off?

Tell them you want to assist with the decision making, after all it’s no good putting things/plans in place if they won’t actually help.

Do you have union representation at work? Get them on board. If not maybe the CAB will advise you.

Do you want to continue in the role you are in? Is there an alternative role you could do or want to do? Can you do your job fully at home and do you want to? These are questions that should be considered in their discussions.

Don’t mess around; get Multiple Sclerosis Legal Advice Line | Disability Law Service to help you. They are paid by the society to give legal representation in these matters.

Good luck


excellent advice from George. Don’t be pushed about - if necessary consult a solicitor specialising in disability/employment.

You may have to fight for your rights.

Ok,some weeks later and I am sill working full time at home.

Last week a doctor from a third patty came to see me and on his departure said that I would ve better working from home.

There has still not been a resolution.

So now things are changing for me personally and my wife and I have decided to move our the bedroom downstairs and create a wet room in the garage so I can live on one level…which would be better for me, however this means that I would loose the room that I currently use as an office for work.

So as work is asking me to work from home (currently and more than likely in the future), can I get them to pay for an office room ( probably a garden she type office) or would a kitchen table be sufficient ?

Hi jonw,

Access to Work, lots of money available for adaptions Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is - GOV.UK

Have you contacted the DLS?


just saw this post, hope it all goes well for you Jonw