Work place assessment completed.......boss refused all reasonable adjustments!!!!

Hi all

I’m still under investigation for possible MS and have been taken through my employers absence process. Part of this process is for them to have an independent workplace assessor discuss my needs with me and make suggestions with regards to what reasonable adjustments could be implemented by my employer.

Following our discussion today (which lasted 90 mins) the assessor asked to speak with my manager to make her aware of the adjustments he would be suggesting in his report. She was happy with all of the desk/equipment adjustments (mainly because it is the assessors responsibility to arrange these) but she refused all adjustments in relation to working flexible shifts.

She kept saying that she couldn’t agree to these due to ‘business needs’. I work in a fraud prevention department for a large financial institution and deal with preparing the paperwork for fraud cases which are going to court. The department is open for over 90 hours a week and I currently work 37.5. Therefore, there is plenty of availability to work flexitime.

Surely it is better for ‘business needs’ for me to work 37.5 hours a week at anytime within the office opening hours than be out of the business due to absence?!

I would have thought my manager would have had to liaise with HR and discuss the assessors suggestions before just simply refusing to implement them.

HR have never been present at any point throughout the absence process and an HR representative has never attended any of the formal absence review meetings - again I would have thought this would be a standard requirement of a process which could ultimately result in my dismissal through ill-health.

Have you contacted HR yourself? Are they aware of your situation? I think that as your manager is being so unhelpful you should go over her head if you can. I’m so sorry that you are being so badly treated at a time when you can do without the added stress and anxiety of possibly losing your job. I think your manager sounds like a bully.

Hope you manage to get things resolved. Deb

As soon as the word “large” is mentioned, I expect a whole host of policies, procedures and paperwork. I cannot believe that a line manager has the sole authority to make decisions that may have legal implications, at least without having discussed them with HR and more senior management. In which case, I agree you need to go above her head and get HR involved (as senior a person as you can, preferably more senior than your boss). Have you spoken to Access to Work? They may be able to give advice? Karen x

If you feel it is ‘unreasonable’ to give you ‘reasonable adjustment’ in altering the hours you work; not the amount but where and when I suggest you take them to tribunal.

It probably would not go that far and HR would see what a pig’s ear your manager’s making.


Good luck