Work/life balance.

Work/life balance - All i’ve done is sleep all weekend recharging for another 40 hour week at work next week (Some people may laugth) , Its not a hard job - But my MS is kicking in after work each day and wiping my ability to look after myself, Not been able to pick a fork up at tea was when i realized - Do we all get this immense fatigue? Does anyone have any tips on how to push this fatigue back further until bed time?.. I’m so grateful that my MS keeps at bay till after work but its effecting my ability to actually live a normal life at home and carry out the normal tasks to enable me to…well, work? . Do they take this into account when applying for DLA, probably not! ( Bahh humbug , lol .).


ah thom (guessing thats your name)

fatigue is the most disabling symptom of all (in my opinion)

its all about pacing yourself but my pace is almost comatose.

i hope you get some more useful replies, i’ll watch out and pick up any tips.

are you thinking of applying for DLA? if so, there is scope for you to describe your symptoms.

remember to describe your worse day (dont come over all brave) just think the opposite of the berocca advert!

carole x


I am in exactly the same boat. As I avoided all social events due to feeling like shit (hiding in bed) I have lost all of my friends. I received 0 texts, cards and calls for my birthday this year. Fun times. I now rely on entertaining myself with painting and writing. My advice to you is don’t leave it too late. Make sure you make time for yourself. I need to slow down’t at work… I am a teacher and only 29. I feel as though I am 100.

Hope you are feeling OK today,



Just for your info, if you get DLA, then you should qualify for disabled tax credits. And if you get tax credits, then that could mean you could reduce your hours without missing out much on income.

Hope that helps


Hi Tom,

Not sure if you’re on any treatments but check out LDN. There are a few of us on here that take it. It worked for me but I know it doesn’t work for everyone. My energy levels have improved dramatically. To give you an example I’d have to psyche myself up to do house work, even just hoovering, and aftewards I’d have to crash on the sofa for an hour or two. Since taking LDN I spent the whole weekend not long back decorating the hallway. There is no way I could have done that a few months back. If you google LDN there are a few websites with lots of info.

Not wishing to sound like I’m stating the obvious but whats your diet like? The five a day thing does help, honest! and staying away from all the refined and processed rubbish helps too. Lastly, make sure you’re well hydrated (and I don’t mean booze lol). Sorry again if I’m teaching you to suck eggs but sometimes its the little things that can make all the difference.

Best wishes