When to claim DLA etc?

I've recently been diagnosed with MS.  Most of my problems are with balance, pins and needles, 'heavy' arm and leg, and fatigue.  I'm working full time but I have a 30 min drive each way to get there.  I find it very tiring, especially as the week goes on.  Like a lot of people in the current financial climate, cutting back my hours isn't really an option.  Neither is changing my job.  I've got an NHS pension in my current job. I'm nearly 50, so with MS as well I can't imagine I would be top of the list of candidates.

I find that I can do things like walk to the shops, but walking back is now really impossible.  My question is: at what point do people consider applying for a blue badge, disabled bus pass, DLA?  I don't want to claim for anything that I'm not eligible for but at the same time, I'm beginning to find things difficult, especially the fatigue.  Some days, I'm not too bad but other days I could just stay in bed all day.  Mostly I just need some help so I can carry on doing my job for as long as possible.  The last thing I want to to have to give up work.  Anyone's advice would be most appreciated.

Many thanks




If you're thinking about it then it is probably the time to submit a claim. Believe me, if you're not eligible for it then you won't be awarded it.

My first claim was rejected, the second wasn't and as well as higher rate mobility I was awarded lower rate care, which I hadn't applied for.

It would also be worth contacting Access to Work:,

they can help with lots of things including travelling to work.


Anne has said it all; really good info.


Just add

12 things that don’t affect your right to claim Disability Living Allowance.

  1. You’re getting any other benefits - Disability Living Allowance will be paid on top.
  2. You’re working.
  3. Your partner works.
  4. You have savings.
  5. You have not paid any national insurance contributions.
  6. You don’t consider yourself to be disabled - Disability Living Allowance is for people with long term health problems which affect their everyday activities.
  7. You’ve been told by a doctor, nurse, care worker - or anyone other than a welfare rights worker - that you won’t get Disability Living Allowance. Eligibility for Disability Living Allowance is a legal question, not a matter of medical - or any other - opinion.
  8. You live alone and no-one is providing care for you.
  9. You already have someone, a partner for example, providing care for you.
  10. You don’t want anyone to provide care for you.
  11. You’ve been turned down before.
  12. You do not want to spend money on personal care: you can spend Disability Living Allowance on anything you wish.


Blue badge is worth considering - it was the first form of help I sought.  Rules vary from local authoirty to the next but appeal if you need to.  I wrote on my application I had relapsing remitting MS - mistake as the person reading the form assumed remission meant problem gone!   Just write MS!

AS already advised DLA will not award anything if you do not meeet criteria.  Nothng ventured.

Access to WOrk - you must ring them.  Takes ten minutes o the phone then an advisor contacts you.  They can part fund a taxi to work, do a work place assessment which will result in kit or adaptations.  They are very ecperienced and may suggest things you or I have not even thought of.  They are so helpful - their aim is to keep you in work as long as possible and to provide help.


Just to add to the great advice above; please seek assistance when filling in the form for DLA.

The CAB are fab.

Also, call for the form ASAP; you have weeks to return it to them and if you are entitled, they will backdate the payment to the date you requested the form.

Good luck!



Many thanks for the advice.  I've decided to apply for a Blue Badge for now.  I'm starting Avonex on 18th July after my holiday.  I can always ask the MS nurse for advice then.  I've got a follow up appointment with the consultant in November so I'll probably leave applying for DLA until at least then. 



I have just been awarded lower rate disability and middle rate care.  I work 24 hours a week, which includes 2 10hr days  as a shop supervisor but Its enough as I am usually wiped out when I get home.  I mainly have double vision which means I can't judge things well also fatigue and numbness down my arms.  I had a nice man from the MS centre to help me fill in the form.  I did'nt think I would get it, so I was nicely suprised. It was also backdated to the date they received the form which was also a nice suprise.   I am going to negotiate less hours with my boss tomorrow so that I can be a better Mum!! I have recently had a new Mri scan which has shown a change from my last two so the supporting paperwork helped I think.  I would suggest you have ago.  The CRB help out with this type of form filling.

All the best


I'm so glad someone asked this as I've been fighting with my mum for ages over whether I would get it.  I hate to think of myself as disabled but i've been signed off sick for over 6 months now.  I have to pay parking when I go to the hospital for my tysabri treatment which usually costs me £4.80 and I have to pay my neighbours au pair to look after my daughter while I am there as I have no family (or friends that I feel I can ask) nearby.  I really should get on and sort it out but its so daunting.

when I was diagnosed,I qas absent from work,and went into see the doc at work,he asked me how I was getting on etc,then said have y6ou apploed for DLA,,he was a doc on DLA rota,and he said you wwill get iit,,I fely just the same as you sound.deffo apply,it is free :)

I'm trying to deal with one battle at a time, and the work battle is taking all my energy.  Disciplinary on capability grounds because I can't give them a date when I'll feel fit enough to return for 15 hours a week.  My OH has started his new job this week which means that at the minute he is away all week, went on sunday, will be back saturday morning and I'm really starting to struggle today, honestly didn't realise how much he did to help (including making my breakfast so I can concentrate on getting the kids up, dressed, fed and to school on time).  Oh well its only to the end of the month on this shift pattern and then he will be away 4 days at a time and home for 4.

Hi, I’m currently filling in the form, though it’s taken me over a year to accept that I have these problems, but I fell asleep cooking tea for the kids and my poor husband came home to chaos, so I guess now is the time!
I don’t know where you are but the lady from the ms society referred me to a neuro support centre and they helped me with the form it’s difficult to fill in because I too have RRMS but I kept a diary over 2 weeks and was just as honest as I could be.
It’s going in the post today, so I’ll let you know how I get on. I think you should apply, what’s the worst that could happem?

Today I've bitten the bullet and called about ESA.  I hate this thing with a passion.  It took me nearly an hour on hold to get through.  Forms are coming out in the post but I know I'm going to struggle getting copy of doctors fit note (my one is still in work as I need it there to get my occupational sick pay).


Have a look at DLA thread
New diagnosis and before diagnosis section.
If you need any advise pls post and I see if I can supply it

Ps I spoke to DLA TODAY and they said it could be up to 12 weeks for a decision - what is an SLA.


SLA in most organisations means Service Level Agreement; usually timescales that have to be met. quickly a letter or phonecall should be rsponded to.

Hi Clare

Softy I forgot to add a question mark and it was rhrtorical. I should not have used a three letter acronym, as the site is full of them, but there is a guide I have found useful on this site. It helps newly diagnosed. Newbies, like me


apply for everything as soon as possible.

don't feel bad about it. it's not scrounging. you have ms and that's a big deal.

i was lucky because my best friend (sadly now deceased) was very much in the know about benefits and she made me apply although at the time i was insisting that i wasnt disabled. depressing though it sounds - its only a matter of time before you will be.

at least apply for the blue badge.

ask someone to help you fill the forms in. they are mega long and if you're anything like me you'll need help. my hands are numb and writing is difficult so my friend did the writing and i told her what i wanted her to put.

good luck

carole x