Work in progress. The story of my life.

Hello, as the sun comes out in Crowborough.

A lot of things need working on. I think I’ve had a lifetime of it.

It actually gives me a sense of achievement. At the moment I’m trying to build up my weaker muscles. Now that’s work.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hey Steve,

There’s good news.

Last year researchers were testing whether a flavonoid-rich cocoa drink could help combat fatigue in MS.

Flavonoids are thought to reduce inflammation and prevent damage caused by harmful ‘free radicals’. They’re found in lots of plant-based food, including dark chocolate with cocoa levels of over 70%.

I haven’t heard how they got on but I did use myself as a guinea pig.


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Steve you are so inspiring! I really loved this blog ,its just what i need at the moment. I was up at 4:30 this morning not the bladder this time , just sadness One of my daughters is poorly. Shes autistic , Shes 26 and has more problems than Molly. Shes in 24 hour supported living…I felt so helpless this morning, wishing i was normal and could look after her. Your "keep working on it " comment …never give up is where i am.

I hope that you have a nice trip to see your relatives I know you said you were going soon. Remember to wave.

Michelle and Frazer xx

sorry to hear this Michelle,sent you a pm xx