work boots

hello all! my husband was diagnosed 2 years ago and we have had some learning to do!!! I do have a question and I haven’t been able to get into from actual real people… my husband is 45 and works in construction. he has fallen 2 times in last 3 week’s and I think it’s because of the type of shoe he wears. I think he needs work boots for balance slip resistant etc I have heard a lot about orthopedic work boots, they look like normal good boots… Any guys out there have any experience with good or bad work boots? thanks in advance

i think you should find a good retailer who can give advice on this.

men just normally buy a pair their size without asking questions (well mine do).

maybe ask his podiatrist for a detailed description of what is needed.

I imagine its more than blaming the boots. If he’s in construction, I presume he’s wearing steel toe caps, supportive but heavy.

Falling is more often a balance issue. Ask him to think about why and where he fell. Because on a building site, its a health and safety issue.

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