Work and time off for appointments

Yesterday I was told I probably have MS, so the consultant wanted to refer me for more tests and to see the neurologist. The problem I have is that all of these tests are being done 2hrs away from my home. Yesterday I spent the hlwhole day either travelling or at the hospital. I had to take the day as annual leave due to this. I’m an agency worker so things may be different, but at this stage, can I ask for time off to go to appointments, or should I keep using my annual leave until I have a confirmed diagnosis? Tbh I’ve thought on more than one occasion that it’s probably better to just not have the tests, to not get the diagnosis and deal with all the side effects. The optic nervitis is 85% better after 6wks so that parts getting there, it’s just the rest I suppose.

If you read Disability discrimination | Equality and Human Rights Commission you will see under ‘reasonable adjustments’ time should be given off for medical appointments.

You get diagnosed; then you can be put on DMDs. One thing I will add; it is important you tell HR at least in work; tell them you want it kept a secret if you want. The only problem then is if you’re mobility is affected some lovely person is bound to say “look at her drunk again.”

Good luck


Oh that’s a difficult one. Presumably if you’re not using annual leave, you don’t get paid as you’re an agency worker?

Personally in today’s world of multiple disease modifying drugs, I would think it’s worth following up and getting the confirmed diagnosis. Chances are the appointments will be spaced out so you wouldn’t take the hit all in one go, either in terms of annual leave or lost money. And you can always try rearranging times of appointments so you maybe only have to lose a half day at a time.


Thanks for your replies. Yes I’d need to take it unpaid if I didn’t use my annual leave, and annual leave needs to be accused before it’s taken. I don’t think reasonable adjustments come in to play until you have a diagnosis. I’ll look into that a bit more today. I’ve joked with others about the fact that I look drunk whilst walking, but have said it only happens when I walk slowly (I used to always walk at a fast pace) and have said the office is too busy to walk fast in. Not a great excuse but it seems to do the trick. The shaking hand doesn’t help, although they know I rarely drink. Even as I type I’m starting to see how all the symptoms may look to an outsider. It’s not a good realisation :frowning: