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In a nutshell, I have been in limbo for three years. I used to run and did the Marathon in 07 and then I started to trip up. I have a weak right leg and then right arm. I now have difficulty walking too far but at least I can still get around with a stick and a leg brace so I try to remain positive.

I have had 3 MRIs which show lesions on brain and spine, clear lumbar, nerve and EMG showed only carpal tunnel and bloods showed underactive thyroid. Neuro said is most likely PPMS but is reluctant to formally diagnose because a diagnosis it is for life and everything changes. i.e insurance , driving etc. so back again in 6 months.

I work full time and have told them I am being investigated for MS but we are undergoing restructure and I know if I were confirmed disabled I would have some protection, I am wondering now, as I haven’t been formally diagnosed, can I still be protected under DDA? Does anyone know?

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I don’t think you need a diagnosis, but I’m not sure, sorry. Maybe the MSS helpline would be able to help? Access to Work might be able to help too. Or the CAB?

BTW, I’m not convinced it’s better to not have a diagnosis anyway. If you only drive a car, then telling the DVLA that you’ve been diagnosed is usually no big deal - they put you on a 3 year renewable licence and if you are fit to drive they just keep renewing it, free of charge. Insurance might change a bit, but I’m struggling to think of any apart from travel insurance (more expensive probably) & life insurance (maybe more expensive) that might; car & house insurance don’t change. It’s easier to access to meds and treatment with a diagnosis too. Plus it’s just so much easier to explain things to people!

Anyway - I hope the restructure goes painlessly!

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Karen is correct about the safeguards of the Equalities Act. See


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I know it’s a lot of ifs; but if you are diagnosed and if you have a mortgage check your house insurance and see if it covers ‘critical illness.’ Could mean a claim and large cheque to pay it off.



Thanks so much, as usual you are so helpful.

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