Work advise - what would you do?

Hi all,

I’m really quite low at the moment. Whilst I have no direct ‘proof’, I can’t get over the feeling that I’ve been overlooked for permanent jobs at my work (current a temp) because of my disabilities (also have epilepsy and PTSD, so have to have 1 day a week off for counselling, and 1 morning off once every 4 weeks for my infusion, plus any other appointments). I’ve done lots of extra bits of work for them off my own back, over and above what the others who have now been taken on have done, and I’ve only had good feedback. I was told that I could stay on as a temp, but that now seems to of changed.

This seems to be common place where I am. I had major problems with the university last year (causing me to have to suspend my course), and it took me 5 months to just find a temp positions despite being registered with god know how many agencies, and having a pretty good CV. They would constantly tell me that companies wouldn’t take me on with my needing a full day off and time off for appointments, and that I should just look for part-time. But even when I looked for part time, they never had anything.

Has anybody else come across this level of discrimination within society? And if so, how did you overcome it? I’m ready to thump someone.

Forest x

Just me then? Or has everyone else stopped working? There must be someone out there with experience of this and thoughts on the matter? Can anyone recommend good job agencies to go through (have had problems with them)? I’m in Southampton. Or any suggestions of types of jobs?

Forest x

Do you have a line manager? Do they give you feedback? Next time they do (or ask for some) bite the bullet and ask what the chances are of you being made permanent. Can’t hurt can it?

Sorry no experience but was glad I was in a position when dx as the thought of looking now fills me with horror - as you say appointments are so frequent no one would employ me. I didn’t have much luck with agencies before my dx when I was previously made redundant. Sorry couldn’t be more specific. Barney


I do have a line manager 72, but she’s the one who’s interviewed me twice and turned me down twice despite all my good reports and extra things I’ve been doing (and work she puts my way rather than other peoples). She’s also the one who’s Changed the goal posts from telling me I didn’t need to apply for the perm job, I could just stay on as a temp, to after me applying and not getting it, saying how the temp budget was nearly exhausted so I would be finishing soon. So no, there’s no point in asking her. It just seems the same everywhere I go.

Hi Forest Everywhere seem to be doing short term contracts, a member of my family has had to re-apply for her own job lots over the years. Each contract I have had has been temporary and had to be available to work across four different sites in my last job. I really feel for you it’s so un-settling …a member on here recommended and I know others have also mentioned Access to Work also… and Citizens advice may beable to give you some support. Sorry if none of this is relevent xx Mich

Also is there a possibility that you could work from home? Just a thought x M

Thanks Mich,

Access to work are good - when they finally get their act together. It’s taken over 2 1/2 months to get transport help from them for my present job. As I’ve just moved out of the city centre, I wouldn’t even be able to start a new job until I’ve sorted transport. No employer will wait that long. And their other problem is that you can’t even apply until you HAVE a job, which of course means, in my case anyhow with not driving, I have to say to employers initially that I can’t get there, but that I should hopefully be able to if offered the job, but I couldn’t give a start date. They’re a pain in the butt. The solutions to peoples problems are simply just outdated and insufficient. But thanks.

Forest x