Wondering about getting a scooter

Some days I can walk 2 km, but other days it’s more like 500m. Do I get a scooter? Would it mean I don’t walk as much and so I’ll get weaker? Feels like accepting I’m disabled (rather than just ill with a chance of recovery) Is it possible to hire one for a couple of weeks to see how I get on? Oh and do you get the VAT off like you do when you buy an orthopedic mattress or do you have to pay it?

I don’t use my scooter all the time and I haven’t actually used it for many weeks now I think of it because my walking isn’t too bad at the moment (everything being relative of course!). HOWEVER when I do need it it’s an absolute Godsend. I was very dubious about getting it at first and very worried about how safe I would be with it (I had given up driving because of cognitive problems) but as soon as I tried it everything was great. Go for it, you are not forced to use it every time you go outdoors if you don’t need it but it is brilliant when you do need it.

Before I bought mine I was able to rent one for a week. I rented mine from a Google search in myocal area. I found a couple of companies that were VERY expensive to rent from - almost as much to rent as it would be to buy one new! - but I then found a small family run company who had a sideline in renting scooters to holidaymakers at a nearby resort with holiday camps (Porthcawl). They were great and I ended up buying a new scooter from them after my rental was finished.

It is definitely worth shopping round for the best price. The dealer prices for scooters can vary enormously. The price I got mine for from a small company was hundreds of pounds less than the same model from some major national and regional dealers. If your dealer is VAT registered you will not have to pay VAT. The dealer will ask you to fill in a form that goes to HMRC that allows them to not charge VAT.

Finally, you can often find good deals on 2nd hand scooters on Gumtree. Much cheaper than buying a new scooter and, often, hardly used as some people buy them for disabled/elderly relatives without checking whether they are practical for their needs.

I find I’m having to use the wheelchair more and more over the last year or so. I also use a scooter when I’m in the garden or when we’re away on holiday. Both the wheelchair and the scooter are absolutely essential for my bad days ( which unfortunately are becoming more frequent) but both do make me lazy and I need to push myself to walk, even if it’s only to the loo and back. The chair and the scooter were great also in ensuring that I wasn’t doing damage to myself on very bad days where if I had no choice and had to walk, I would struggle manfully onward and then pay for it afterwards.

As I type this I’ve just realised that I’ve been sitting doing things for the last few hours and I now need to get off my fat ass and give the legs a bit of a work out. Try to scooter short term to see how you get on with it.



I bought one on ebay.Bargain. Needed a new battery but still worth it.

Don’t use it very often but like having the option. As long as you have room to store it.

Red Cross rent out wheelchairs, so maybe scooters. Or try your local shopmobility.

Good luck

Jen x

Hi, I had a brilliant scooter and one I happily recommend.

It was a Shoprider Sovereign, 4 wheel . I paid £1895 in 2000. I rode it until I could no longer safely transfer to it and needed my wheelchair more. They cost around £795 now! You should be able to hire one before deciding to purchase. I used Shopmobility in towns, before I bought my own.

I used it for many years and then stored it in a shed. A year later hubby turned it on and it started straight away!

With a tidy up, it looked smashing and I gave it to a member on this forum.

You get your wheels and go, go, go!