***Women-v-men***Contains wobbly nuts***

Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy!

What makes you think that I don’t do that now!!! LOL ;D

So true! :slight_smile:

What about leggings that are so tight that you can see cellulite,make up that was put on with a trowel and a vocabulary that comes from Little Britain and Catherine Tate?..I’m talking about women at the moment

Wb x

Quite right Hazel!!

Women -v- men.

Women when lost - stop car, wind down window ask directions then arrive at destination

Men - Take wrong junction - still convinced they are right, continue driving for 5 miles or so, wind down window to get fresh air. Stop at garage to get snack and drink wouldn’t dream of asking directions at the same time. Get back in car continue driving until dark find themselves driving down dirt track and still dont think to look at a map or ask directions.

Men - what they say and what they mean

Yes Dear - Means absolutely nothing it is just a conditioned response.

That’s interesting - means are you still talking

I can’t find it - means it hasn’t fallen into my hand so I have absolutely no idea how to find it

It would take too long to explain - means I don’t have a clue how it works but I can’t admit to it.

Wise words Dinks Lol

I have found that ‘who needs a map, I’ve got SatNav’ is a male phrase. Which would’ve been OK if we weren’t going to a farm in the middle of nowhere.

A postcode covers a lot of area if the buildings with the house numbers a very very long way apart :slight_smile:

We got there in the end, but he didn’t half get annoyed with the whole getting lost thing…

I have a son who subscribes to the Jeremy Clarkson theory that the more you shout at an inanimate object, the better it works!