Will I ever learn?

I occasionally forget I am disable, will I ever learn? The answer is NOI fell into the house this morning, trying to tidy some things that have been annoying me. I tripped and landed on my knees (it could have been much worse), I’m fine but what a fright. Stupid/mad…I know, I know

Take care folks and be safe NOT stupidM

Hi, I can`t ever forget I have limitations, as i am reminded of it constantly…the wheelie helps do that!

But I often dream I am normal again, back at work, walking well and when I wake up, i am brought down to earth with a bump and it feels horrible!

Glad your fall wasn`t any worse, as it was bad enough, eh?

luv Pollx

Agree… I forget sometimes too. I tried to climb up on a chair recently. Really bloody stupid thing to do. Anyway I got one leg up and then was stuck. Silly cow I am sometimes.

Occasionally dream I am running. That wonderful feeling with air rushing against my face. Ah well… and in reality I’m nearly 60 so probably wouldn’t be able to run like that even without ms.

Hey golden girls we are still here !

Pat x


I have these stupid thoughts in bed, where I think to myself, tomorrow

I will empty my wardrobe and give it a good tidy, or tomorrow I am going

to give my kitchen cupboards a spring clean, and I honestly convince myself

I will…until the next morning, and I realise again that I can’t do it.

How stupid am I? do we ever learn, I think not, still it’s nice for a little while

to be able to forget, and think we are “normal” (whatever that is!!).

Pam x

Pam x

I forget sometimes too M and end up in a heap for my trouble! Recently I had to get to a delivery man who was about to drive away as he thought I was out. I knew I couldn’t get through the door to him in time and did not want to see my parcel disappearing down the road! So I climbed out the front window! Mad, yes? Stupid,yes? I stopped him in time though but have suffered from a pulled muscle in my leg for a couple of weeks as my legs are no longer up to such antics. I will not be repeating that in a hurry! Teresa xx

For delivery people I go to the upstairs window and shout at them “I’ll be down in a moment but I’m not a fast mover, hang on!” and it normally does the trick - if I happen to be near the upstairs window!


Happy New Year folks

I’m fine and looking forward to 2013, must remember to lift foot a fraction higher!!M