Will a relapse improve without meds?

Not only have I still got this horrible tingly fuzzy pins and needles head it seems to now be affecting my upper lip . I’ve also been getting stabbing pains in my eyes for 3 days but vision appears to be ok. :frowning:

I’m starting to wonder if this could be a relapse??
As well as the above I’m experiencing old symptoms such as:
Irritable bladder
Numb toes
Terrible balance
Slow processing what people say
Pain between shoulder blades

How long does a relapse last and will it go without meds?

Mandymoo xx

Hello :) I am undiagnosed and no doctor !

I am on no meds whatsoever. I get maybe three attacks a year that last 2 to 3 months. Time in between when I feel ok (though I do have some weanesses that remain all the time now) is maybe a month or so.

So what I am saying is for me on no meds relapses do improve in time. I am guessing that they might improve quicker if I were on meds.

Just my opinion.



Hi MandyMoo,

I have been partially diagnosed.  I think I have had MS for about 5 1/2 years.  I used to get relapses every two years but since the beginning of this year I seem to have contant symptoms.  I had a really bad relaspse at the beginning of the year. Had about 15 seperate symptoms.  I thought that it might be B12 deficiency as the symptoms are very similar.  I started taking that, 100mcg per day and it really helped, all my symptoms went after a week and I felt great for two weeks.  Unfortuantely, I got a reaction to it as I started taking too much and had to stop.  I'm taking it now and it is really helping.  Even though I do have a very fuzzy head today and OAB.  Give it a try.

Hope this helps,

Adrian ;)

Hi MandyMoo,

Apart from symptom relief, the only real treatment for a relapse is steroid, and these do nothing but speed up the recovery. They don’t change the extent of the recovery. So yes, if left alone, the relapse will clear up as much as it’s going to anyway, but just not so quickly.

Unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing the timescale. Supposedly, the average relapse lasts about five weeks, but they can last days, weeks, or months. I’ve been lucky so far not to have really bad ones, but they still last months.


I've only had one attack and is still being investigated but I have recovered to about 90-95% on good days, a little less if I overdo things. I had no meds as I was recovering well without them.

I am having a 3rd relapse, I have. no mess yet, was supposed to have tysabri, had all tests & scans then told I didn’t meet critearia - how?
So long story short I have nothing and don’t I know/ feel it

How well someone recovers from a relapse is not affected by steroids. All steroids do, when they work, is to shorten how long the relapse lasts for. They don’t change the outcome.
Karen x

Thanks everyone!! 


Mandymoo xx