Wierd back pressure

Hi I was just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this. I’m currently in the throws of a sensory relapse, numbish hands, feet etc but the thing that is driving me mad is the feeling of pressure on my lower back. It feels as though someone is pushing their fist into my spine. It’s not painful just a feeling of pressure and is really uncomfortable. I went to my GP and she said she hadn’t heard of this before so I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced this or whether I am going mad. Thanks, Nicola

Hello Nicola.

I have felt painfull pressure in my back but this is usaly accompanied by a pressure on my chest,unable to breath properly.Its called the MS hug.I dont always get the pain with it though.

Do you get any pressure on your chest or a feeling its a little harder to breath?


I've had this, feels like someone is pushing my back quite firmly, low down in the small of my back - very strange!

it just went away by itself after a while

Hi Nicola

I had a major relapse in 2008 and had all the usual problems but I also had the "small of the back pressure"..

My neurologist said that he was aware of this symptom and called it a girdle as I am led to believe that it resembles the feeling of a tight girdle. This all cleared up in a couple of months and the girdle problem has not reappeared.

Good luck and hoping that your relapse clears up soon.



Thanks for your replies. I’ve had the pleasure of the ms hug before and with this relapse. I took pregablin which got rid of it but I’m still left with this back pressure. My ms nurse has booked me in the relapse clinic so we’ll see what they say. Thanks, at least I know I’m not going mad! :0)

No nicola your not going mad,MS can affect us all in many many ways and no two days are the same.It is worrying when these things happen.Made worse when you feel your not belived.Lets see what the MS nurse says and what help is given.

I wish you the best as I am sure others do to.




Thank you xx

It sounds a bit like my ‘reptile attached to the back’, that I have been experiencing for a number of years. Luckily for me Amitriptyline seems to have helped with it. Although I have had to increase the dose to 40ml these days.

Good luck, I believe that Gabapentin or Lyrica could help too.


Thanks Wendy, I’m upping my dose of pregablin tomorrow so hopefully that will do the trick x

I get this too, like high pressure, tension in the muscles either side of my spine in my lower back, it drives me nuts.

It’s frustrating isn’t it and mine definitely gets worse as the day goes on. Doesn’t stop me functioning, just an uncomfortable and annoying symptom. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it’s much appreciated :0)

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