Why is Dr Coimbras Vit D protocol not the frontline treatment for MS.

It seems unbelievable, that this treatment that has been developed for 15 years and has such success is not the first port of call for all neurologists.

Is it because it will wipe 100’s of millions if not billions off of the lucrative business of punting out drugs?

Probably because it will cost billions to actually instigate it for each patient. Its not just a case of passing out a tablet every patient has to be montiored constantly and have also to follow a diet restricted routine.

Its hard enough now to get an appointment just to see a neuro in the UK can you imagine it if we had to be constantly monitored all the time. Frome this website: Dr. Coimbra's MS Protocol, treating MS, chronic pain, auto immune disease,

Please do not attempt to duplicate Dr. Coimbra’s protocol without a full understanding of how he applies his treatment.

The reason you won’t find an exact written version of this protocol is that Dr. Coimbra does detailed testing of each

one of his patients and alters the protocol for each one. He then monitors his patients continuously for their safety

and to make adjustments to their daily dosing. We can only share some basic guidelines and principals he uses.


Unless you see someone privately like at Breakspeare Clinic for example and pay a huge amount of money for the treatment i cant see it ever happening under the NHS.

Granted…there would be an initial heavier burden in the assessments, but the need for the ongoing care would diminish leaving more resources and money to invest into the treatment…

From what I have read, the initial attendance to the clinics would require a concentrated effort to establish the levels of dosing required, but the return after that, would be at fixed duration’s following the initial assessment, typically requiring 4 in total.

With regard to the need to follow a dietary regime…Do you think having to stick to a diet is more inconvenient than ending up in the sorry state than people end up in…

The cost of the treatment i.e. ‘the supplements’…are inconsequential in comparison to the drugs that are currently used. Cost of supplements approx £500 a year depending on Dose.

For the expertise, an initial consultation costs circa £250 with the following ones being £200.

The tests…if you can get a lab to carry them out would no doubt be the costliest thing, of which I couldn’t guess…but I know that Vit d tests can be carried out for very little.

All in all, not a lot of money to avoid gradually working towards major disability.

I simply find it strange that huge amounts of research, at considerable cost, is carried out…Some of this could be used to fund this protocol.

The results seem to speak for themselves,whereby there are countless testimonies of people becoming asymptomatic of the disorder after a short amount of time…

Perhaps the NHS should stop treating people who are fat through eating crap food…or smoking, or drinking etc and help people who are afflicted with something that is out of their control.

I think my initial suggestion that the whole medical / pharmaceutical relationship is corrupt as you could imagine,is probably nearer the mark.

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