Coimbra Protocol

Hi All,

is anyone following this? does anyone have any experience of it?



i read about it and even bought the kindle version of “ms and lots of vitamin D” by Ana Claudia Domene but didn’t read it as it is heavy going.

i take 5000 iu of softgel tablets though.

Thanks Carole ! It sounds interesting for sure. I went to see a neurologist who specialises in it yesterday. He says you can stay on the ‘normal’ DMDs and do Coimbra at the same time. Seeing as you need to take such high amounts of vitamin D, you need to take loads of other supplements and there are other rules- like no diary and exercise 4 times a week to make sure your bones stay healthy. It’s quite a commitment ! I am weighing up whether I should try it for not. Just looking for an open discussion on it.