Why is everyday different?

I have no idea as to what sort of day I’m going to have!

I can go to bed with pins and needles and numbness in the arm and then wake up with a stiff neck.

I can talk well, then 10 minutes later start stuttering or lose the ability to talk completely.

I can walk to a colleagues desk at work then lose the ability to walk back to my desk.

I can speak to someone and call them by their name, then during the same conversation completely forget their name or struggle to remember why we were having a conversation.

I can write a report then be unable to pick up a cup of tea with the same hand I wrote the report with.


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Because you have bast*rd MS

Sue xx

Ditto Pops. Ditto. As well as what you describe, I fluctuate between being cheerful and chatty, to weeping or sobbing uncontrollably over seemingly nothing. Or because I find the fear of the future overwhelms me. MS. An invisible illness eh?