Why I love my wheelchair

The mantra for most MSers is not to “end up” in a wheelchair. I want to put another side to the story.

From being completely independent, driving myself, my world gradually shrank until I only really went out with my daughter who could push me in a manual wheelchair. I have a scooter but if I needed to get off and walk anywhere it was just about impossible.

With lots of help from my physio I got so that I could walk 30-50M using a rollator. This would allow me to get to a single destination in a taxi (like the dentist or opticians) but it was not what I wanted. I wanted to be free.

I am a very solitary person and although I love my daughter to death I wanted to go places by myself. So I bit the bullet and spent my overdraft on a powerchair.

On Saturday I went to town (just a little Market town) on the access bus. I went to the library, pottered round the market, had coffee and shopped in Sainsbury’s (How normal is that!)
While I was waiting for the bus an old dear asked me directions to Boots and hoped it wasn’t far because she was bad on her feet.
“Oh no says I – it’s not far, just half way down this road” Then it struck me that without the wheelchair that “not far” would have been impossible, but in the chair – a matter of moments.

 I might be in a wheelchair which could seem to some to be the end of the world but I feel as though my world has just opened back up again. Quite honestly I could do anything and go anywhere.



Oh jane, I was so happy to read your post. Having been a full time wheelie for 8 years, I do rely totally on my wheels for enabling me to go shopping, to my slimming club, to my craft sessions and most anywhere else I want to go.

I have stopped using my scooter, which i used for 11 years, because I find I can get right up to tables in restaurants and closer to the goods in shops, in my wheelie.

Have wheeles WILL definitely travel, eh? I am sure your post will bring relief and hope to those at the crossroads of furthering mobility problems.

Who wants a race?

luv Pollx

Wow - Thank you

You have given loads of positivity with your post

Good for you, I love good news

Thanks again


What a great post Jane - thank you happy2

Karen x

Lovely positive post Jane. Thanks.

Teresa xx

Hi Jane


I couldn't agree with you more, my "wheelie" give me the independence and freedom

that we all strive for.


Keep on "wheeling" and enjoy.



Hi Jane,

Just had to reply to your post as you've given me even further help as although I have just bought a rollator I know there will (at some stage) for me to get a wheelchair. The thought of it has always bothered me but after reading your post you have alaid my fears of one. Thank you so much. Wish you many, many happy wheelie days.



Hi Jane

A great post and I'm so pleased your wheelchair is getting you out and about again under your own steam.  I think we all feel its a difficult step having to use a wheelchair, but I like you found it gave me the freedo to participate in life on my own again. 

I've been through the rollators, the manual wheelchairs and the scooters and all have been good during the time I needed them. But my powerchair has given back my independence (along with my adapted car). 

Technology is wonderful and even though it might not be what we wanted you are right we should celebrate the different it makes to our lives, the independence, the freedom, the joy of thanks for sharing.

Love, Mary 

Great post Jane, sounds like you are really enjoying your wheels.

I am enjoying my new scooter, it allows me to do things that used to put a smile on my face, but now were starting to become a painfull chore.

These things are tools that help us do things, so we should enjoy them........go girl.