Why can't we be happy for once?

Hi everyone, some of you might remember me be happy last Monday about my weight loss. Well MS soon had to knock me down. The day after I had a nasty fall and smacked the back of my head on the toilet bowl. OWW! I couldn’t do my physio exercises cos I have to be laid down on my back, and that hurt. I also have some balance exercise which involve turning my head from side to side quite quickly. This made me go dizzy so couldn’t do that either. Basically I couldn’t do much for nearly a week. But this lack of exercise meant this week I have put 2lb back on. :cry: Now my head is not hurting much, so this afternoon I decided I could do as much exercise as I could. I did all of my physio and then went on my power plate and finished by sitting on the plate, by which time my bum and thighs went numb! Luckily my power plate is next to my bed so I just collapsed on it! after about half an hour the feeling was coming back and I could move again. Why does MS always drag us down :?:
Lynne x

Really feel for you Lynne keep your chin up


Sorry to hear that Lynne.

I know how demoralizing it is putting weight back on. I lost 2 stone. Been on steroids on and off since June. I’ve put almost all of it back on. I’m gutted!

Hope you feel better soon


Sorry to hear that - it is amazing how an injury due to this crapola can just set you back on so many levels, not just phyiscally, but it taps away at your confidence. Try not to let it…

I think that is what makes this thing so nasty - the other injuries you get as a side order. I learned my lesson quicksmart the day I was due to go into hossy and get diagnosed. I had a numb (and I mean numb) foot but took it upon myself to stand on an upturned bin to reach into a cupboard - bin disappeared from underneath me and I landed on the side of my numb foot. So when I was diagnosed with MS, my right leg was in a cast up to my knee. That was one sh!tty week - I can tell you!

You have put on two pounds? That will take a week to get off again. Don’t lose heart!


Hey, don’t fret about a little extra weight
I have curves, curves are COOL! :sunglasses:
I long ago decided I was designed with curves in mind!

Because it chuffin` well can…and does! I am totally cheesed off with it myself.
luv Pollx

Sorry, I forgot to say that i hope your head feels better soon. You know, whenever I have a fall or near miss, I study how it occurred to see if I can avoid doing the same again. Suppose you do too, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Lynne.
Sorry about your fall.
As Claire says Curves are in.
Hope you feel better soon.
Take Care.
Chris. :wink: