Why can’t I make people listen?

Hi all,

I’ve been quiet for a while because the hospital has reared it’s ugly head again, and I’m back to having repeated trips for the women’s problems I had last year.

I was given the prefect afternoon appointment for my surgery but got a letter cancelling it in favour of a morning the same day, letter came on Saturday on Monday I had my preassessment and asked if I could move it back to an afternoon one as I cannot get there by 7.30am it was moved back to the afternoon without any problems.

So I arrived for admission at 12noon Thursday as instructed and obeyed the fasting instruction, at 11am I took the paracetamol for postoperative pain as instructed along with 10mg of diazepam for my anxiety, they clerked me in and I disclosed all the medications I’d taken. Now I don’t know if you know but diazepam lasts about 4hours so by three o’clock it had worn off! I was climbing the walls as I’d still not been down to theatre! Thank F*** they came to me at 5 and cancelled my surgery offering me to come back the next morning! Which I refused.

I am fast losing the plot now my anxiety level is going back up through the roof, I just don’t know how to make anyone listen I was so exhausted I slept for 13 of the following 24 hours, I’m still feeling ropey today, my backs killing me from sitting on a bloody stool for 5 hours on Thursday, the heats back, it’s bank holiday, I’ve got no idea when my surgery will be (it could be as early as Wednesday) I’ve got no idea if they will give me another pm appointment.

How the hell do I get em’ to understand I cannot do early morning appointments and cannot be booked for procedures later on their lists because of the diazepam!

Sorry folks I just needed a rant!

I hope I don’t sound unsympathetic but why couldn’t you get there for 7.30?

Dear DollyDaydream

I’m so sorry to hear about your experiences. It seems that you have had some bad times recently, and that the staff at the hospital have not realised your needs. No wonder you feel angry and hard done by - I think everyone would feel the same.

I don’t think people really want to be uncaring, even though the series of events seems to indicate that they were. I would guess that the staff felt rotten after what you went through. Obviously, you cannot undo what happened in the past, but it may help if you tell these people in advance (by writing down a list) what you need for your next appointment. What may seem obvious to you and everyone on the forum, may be unknown to the staff who are handling your particular appointment. This means that hopefully, they will be able to get the timing right next time, and other important personal things too. When contacting them, it’s probably best to make it clear that your list is to make everyone’s life easier and better on that day, and not just yours. Going to hospital can be a stressful event, and the less explaining you have to do on the day, the better. Good luck, and I wish you all the best with your treatment. Feel free to rant - I do it a lot and it helps me to feel better.

Why can’t I get to this hospital appointment by 7.30am

fasting starts at 3am, water only from 3am till 6.30am

this ms riddled body of mine takes a minimum of ninety minutes to wake fully, I often fall back to sleep sitting on the toilet.

no water pressure or shower hose, plus medication gives me upset stomach so have to shower properly so a shower takes 30 minutes plus a further 30/40 minutes recovery time. Must be done in morning due to night sweats.

have to book taxis to take me there, no other available transport.

When am I supposed to sleep? Too noisy outside in evenings till around 9 pm and sometimes well beyond.

so in theory get up between 4am and 4.30am no breakfast not even tea, no hot drink for 16 hours other than 1 small stewed tea after 13 hours (after surgery)

such fun!

oh and when am I supposed to take my diabetes medication (must be taken with food)

and this is not a one off procedure I had 2 already (they’re taking regular biopsies) and if I’m lucky one or two more followed by further annual ones for the rest of my life (or until I say sod off which will be sooner than later)

Hi @dollydaydream, it may help to write to them and make sure these things are in your notes, then there is no excuse for them trying to book you in at inconvenient or impossible times!
As the poster above said, sometimes what is obvious to us, often isn’t to others, even though we think it should be. I have had my fair share of frustration and lost temper over medical appointments, sometimes we have to point out in words of one syllable the blindingly obvious. Good luck!

on another thought, could you not actually stay one night close to the hospital? showers well you wont need to worry if your going in, and also fasting well if you stay overnight near to you might sleep better and be able to fast.

they may well give you an afternoon appointment yet. hope so i know its annoying when you are all wound up ready to have a procedure then they cancel it. xxxxx

The hospital is 8 minutes run in a cab from me so distance isn’t the issue. I wake most mornings winter and summer wringing wet (not just the last 4 days 34.4 degrees here the last couple of days) and as I’m having a gynaecological procedure I really don’t fancy it with the results of an “upset stomach” that hasn’t been thoroughly attended too! (Trying to be delicate here)

Still waiting on a letter.