Where to go for help?

I was diagnosed with RRMS on 27th April. I’m starting on Avonex on 18th July (which is sitting in my fridge looking at me!!). My main problems at the moment are muscle pains and fatigue. It makes me feel pretty awful at lot of the time. I’m currently taking 600mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day. I work full time and it’s a fairly demanding job.

My question is: where or who do I ask about help with the pains and fatigue? Do I ask my gp or the MS nurse? We’re going on holiday to the Lake District on Saturday and whilst I’m really looking forward to it, I’m worried about how I’m going to cope. The fatigue just kicks in at anytime! I’ve got a Blue Parking Badge now which helps a little.

I’m finding this all a little scary at the moment. Normally if you’re unwell, you eventually get better. It’s a lot to take in to know that you won’t get better. I’ve got an appointment with my GP on Tuesday to ask about the fatigue etc but I’m not sure whether it’s worth keeping. I feel like I have to prove that I can still do everything but feel so tired most of the time. I’ve been trying to lose weight and go to the gym but the tiredness is not helping at all.

I’m sure I’m having some sort of relapse at the moment, I had pins and needles in places where I’ve never had them before and the tiredness has been worse over the last two weeks or so.

I guess I’m just not sure of what’s happening or where to turn to at the moment.


Hello Lynne,

Sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch at the moment. I would suggest you keep your appt’ with your doc’ but at the same time contact your ms nurse to ask her advise. When you get fatigue do you have a rest as this often helps you through? I always have what I call my power nap and it seems to work, Some of the drugs we take make us tired as does the ms it’s self. But listen to what your body says, if you need a rest, take a rest. Do a little at a time and admit to yourself and others you must have a rest. Your doc’ can prescribe for the pain.

Take care and hope you feel better soon.



Hi Lynne

It sounds like you may be having a relapse so it might be useful to contact your MS nurse as she may suggest a course of steriods and in my opinion will listen to all your problems the GP is not a specialist so sometimes does not understand. I have been on Avonex for the last two years and it has helped to reduce the number of relapses I have so good luck, its only once a week. I agree with Janet when she says listen to what your body is telling you, if you are tired then rest. I tried to fight it for a long time as it made matters worse. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Lynne,

I’ve had MS for ~13 years - there is no answer?

Marcus. x.

your GP will be able to give you pain relif and thats about it there isnt a lot they can do for fatiuge (ms nurse included). But for most people with rrms me included it dose back off some times. And as for the lakes you lucky girl im just a tad on the jealous side. I love the lakes and dispite ms have still managed to get to the top of nearly all the peaks worth climbing and faster than most of my freinds so you see its not ALL doom and gloom. You can still do alot of things you wouldnt expect. Im a walking example of that. People have actuly called me a fraud before now. Lol