Where has my leg gone??

Hi All

I promised my daughter I would fight PPMS as much as I could. I know its not a war I will win long term, but prepared to take each battle at a time. I have won the battles with acceptance and tolerance . I now fancy picking a fight with a physical aspect of this wretched illness.

I have been diagnosed since 2011 - I probably started feeling/noticing it in 2008 ish. Anyways, my left leg is hugely affected and when I walk I am a cross between Elvis Presley and John ‘ministry of funny walks’ Cleese. Physio gave me a Forrest Gump foot support and told me stretch a lot, but alas …no joy or any sign of improvement …

Any tips??

Thanks in advance . .


Hi Flopsy. I don’t know what else would work but just had a thought - are you taking Baclofen? I just remember my Neuro saying he wouldn’t advise I took it because I’m relying on my spasticity in my leg muscles to keep me mobile. Sorry if that’s not a possibility but just thought it might be a consideration.

Cath xx

Hi again Flopsy, have you had physio? Your GP or neuro can refer. It might help. I found it useful to prevent falls. Might be worth a go. Or Baclofen as Cath advises. Haha I remember ministry of silly walks! My morning walk is more like Frankenstein’s monster and at other times I look like a drunken sailor on a very rocky boat! Pat x

Thanks chaps.

I am on Baclofen and have had several physio appts. They have timed me walk over 20 yards, given me various supoprts in the past and, to be fair, have been really good.

I have worked out that it takes me about 10-15 seconds to get going, then I am alright for abut 1 minute . … then, off it goes !!!

I find myself watching everyone else walk now . .almost in awe. . .‘how do they do that??’ And those blighters who run upstairs 2 steps at a time. . . how dare they show off in front of me :frowning:

Reassuring to know that there are others. . . thanks guys