When to go back to gp?

I’ve been having investigations for neurological problems for about a year now. Two MRI scans have shown numerous high signal lesions that may be in keeping with demyelination. I had a lumbar puncture 4 weeks ago, of which I don’t know the result yet. My consultant says that my brain MRI was abnormal but the lesions were not typical of MS, hence the LP I guess.

Anyway, I normally have various pins and needles, burning skin pains, numb face, right arm and leg, balance problems etc. But over the weekend the numb/dead feeling in my arm and leg got much worse. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I’d had a stroke (no other stroke symptoms). I feel slightly better today but still worse than last week. My husband says go back to my gp (consultant appt 27th April) but I wonder if it’s worth it. There won’t be much they can do so what’s the point. I must admit I was quite scared over the weekend at the sudden worsening.

So do I go and see my gp or wait it out? I don’t know!!


Even if there is nothing a GP can do, it can be a real relief just to see a medic and have them confirm that you are OK and all you can do is wait it out.

The flip side of that is that it is all too easy to assume that new symptoms / worsening symptoms are the same old thing - sometimes they aren’t! So always best to see someone to make sure; better safe than sorry after all.

Another reason to see your GP is that he/she might think you need to see the neuro earlier and be able to pull some strings.

I hope things get better soon!

Karen x