When it only takes a neurological physio therapist to make you face what you've always feared.


  Struggled for years and years to walk . A pressure and discomfort in the inside of my thigh pushes my right leg out at an angle and causes me to walk against the joint.

  I renewed my war with my neurology consultant and he re- scanned my head and lumbar after a 12 month delay and confirmed a difference and increased action up there, but not enough to be ripping my right knee pieces . "probable increased MS activity" was the words used and still i feared it's truth.

  A further appointment at the end of July is arranged to see knee specialist has been arranged . Today , I had an appointment to see a neuro physio therapist ,which came as a big shock to me as i thought it was a physio who was going to help me with my leg and not someone who was going to get in to my head as well!

  I listened to her instructions , and pulled against her when she told me, pushed when I was asked and rotated on request. It was only when she described the end of certain movements that I did being MS , my heart sank and realization hit me like a ton of bricks!  I left with a series of exercises to stretch and activate the parts of my leg that are resting and controlling the parts of my leg that are over- working and tearing my right hand side of my knee joint to pieces.  

So...... Finally here's my point..

   What now ??? I started with the news today , with the still moving forward mentality . Now that the evening is in full swing , my positivity is fading!

 Where do I go from here ? I have four weeks to the next physio and even longer before I see the knee specialist  and longer still, for the neuro consultant! (this is turning in to a rant!)

 Any advice anyone?



Do the exercises the neuro physio has recomended, they will help although it may take time but they will make difference and you are doing something good, something to give you a bit more control .

Ring and ask the physio to send a report to your GP, then make an appointment to see your GP. Explain how you are feeling and ask if they could write to the neuro with the physio's report to see if he will see you sooner. Try not to worry ( seems impossible I know ), take care.

Totally agree with Broushka. For every muscle working one way there is another working the opposite way. It sounds as though your 'opposite' has become very weakened. No matter how hopeless it seems just now the more you exercise those muscles the more they will come back - but slowly.

If you can exercise in a swimming pool or a large bath you fill find this easier to get you started but you must also put weight through your joints.

As long as there is even a little muscle tone you can exercise to improve it; believe me, I've been there.


I am sorry but am I being really thick here or are you saying going through the exercises with her made you have a smack in the face of      I am a person with ms....this is real, and now you have hit the end of denial?



Dear Dave,

If ranting makes you feel better then 'rant away'. Your note reminded me of how I felt 13+ years ago and it's not agreeable. You will feel better after a while but it's the 'indecisions' and 'lack of information' that really 'p*ss you off'. The whole process takes ages and you wonder if they've got it 'wrong' - I had even thought of going 'private' but I didn't want the cost and anyway, I am too 'left-wing' for that! but politics will not solve it and all you want is some sort of decision from 'someone who knows'!

Good luck,


Thanks everyone!

  I take on everyone's points . Was feeling a bit fed up when I got home from work last night at 11pm . Cracked open a bottle of white to take the edge of a very tough day!

  I started in postive mood today , have been doing my exercises regularly  (just need to get my hands on a football for one of the exercises, the one when you push the ball forward and backwards under the ball of your foot).

 As it's been said , the process is so long before you get the bad news , and you always hope for best even if the cards aren't dealt to you that way.

So today...... Hi , My name is Dave. I have MS and i'm just going to get on with it! (and my exercises!)happy2    

Hi Dave,

MS sucks but it is not the end of your life! For me diagnosis was a bit of a relief (they had been looking for a brain tumour!). Try and keep as positive as you can and get on with your life as much as possible. Yes you have to make some adaptations and yes some days you will feel awful, but in my experience it is still possible to get a good quality life! Best of luck with the frustrating days ahead!



Boo.... Frustrating things are thrown at me daily ! Bring it on...

Hi Dave, Im with Boo!!!!! It can be hell sometimes, not always!!! Im under a Neuro physiotherapst too!! Mine for "dropped foot" & the dizzies!! Have to travel 30 mile to see her! Felt like I had fought the fight of my life 1st time!!! I was so tired I could have cried!!! Better now but have to face her nxt wk! OMG!! Cant wait, not!!! Keep trying though Dave, anything that helps!!! Heres hoping!! Tracey xx

I had first appointmen with toothfairy(ms nurse)dx 1999,,,i was told off for not getting help woith my sympyoms,she said nothing we can do about illness but we can help symptoms,she is sending me to neuro physio,for walking and balance problems,,hoping i get good advive,and hopefully ill change my attidude and  do something ,instead of ignoring it all

I've had the weekend to do my exercises and stretches. Got my football to control under my foot and all is going well..... I know it's going to be tough , but I'd rather have it tough then just give up and have it easy.thumbsup