What's good for brain fog and dizziness?

These are the absolulte worst symptoms for me… I don’t have any real physical pain. Aside from tingles, numbness and pins and needles, it’s the cognitive problems which are really causing me the most problems. But I don’t know what I can do about them.

Can certain foods help? Would my GP be able to prescribe me anything for these problems despite not having my DX yet? Are there any home remedies? What has worked for you?

Many thanks all! x

Hi Shiller, sorry to hear you’ve been having a bad time. Difficult question. IF you get dx of RRMS then the neuro will be able to prescribe some drugs that might help your symptoms, so therefore will help the brain fog and dizziness.

There’s quite a bit of info about diet and MS… so google something like ‘multiple sclerosis and diet’ and see what you find. Lots of people find that a very low fat diet really helps with symptoms… so worth a try.

In terms of the dizziness… have it checked out by your GP. It might be caused by an ear infection or even a bit of wax in the ear. Always have any symptom checked out by GP. Always a chance that something very treatable is causing it.

Apart from that there are two other things that helps… exercise and rest. Polar opposites! Exercise that you can manage (even if it’s very gentle exercise) can really help with overall well-being. It can make the mind function better and give you much better sleep which will also help with the brain fog.

And then rest, proper rest, is essential with MS and or any health condition. Really look at what you’re doing on a daily basis and see if you can cut down on non-essential stuff and get more time to rest. Feet up. Relaxed. Maybe try listening to some relaxing music or a meditation cd. Avoid watching tv when resting as the flickering images stimulate the brain and is not restful at all.

Of course you might not have MS at all, but a good diet, exercise and rest will help with your symptoms and whatever is causing them.

Take care and hope things improve soon,

Pat x

Oh wow PatB, thanks a million for your help!

I have making many, many changes to my diet and overall living since the onset of these symptoms - cutting out fizzy drinks (replacing them with water and green teas), giving up smoking, and replacing junk food with fresh fruit.
I think I’ll take a trip to my GP again on Monday if it hasn’t eased up by then.

As for exercise, it’s been pretty hard! But I think I’ll try to take daily walks and take it easy on my body. It will at least be more than what I am doing currently, plus I need more fresh air!

I think I will look up meditation. I have been using meditation music to help me sleep and relax at night, so I may as well go the whole caboodle and work on my breathing! I am sure my lungs will thank me even more after having stopped smoking! <3

Thanks again my dear!