What would you do? Changing DMDs tecfidera to mavenclad

Good afternoon, I’ve had RRMS for 15yrs and have been on tecfidera for 5 years now without any problems. In my last two MRIs I’ve had two new lesions overall plus an episode of Trimelga neuralgia during the time. My neurologist recommended swapping to mavenclad now. I’m 36 years old and frankly, i wonder if 2 new lesions really is a bad outcome on a DMD? What would you say? Thanks Katy

hi katy i understand your dilemma if you have had no problems with tecfidera. did your neuro explain the reason for switching to mavenclad? i have only had one MRI since starting tecfidera, fortunately no new lesions. suppose it is down to whether you trust your neuro. also what if mavenclad doesn’t suit you? will you be able to switch again? carole

It’s good that you had that MRI, thus finding out that your MS is on the war-path again without having had to find out the hard way, by being flattened by a less fortunately-placed new lesion.

I have no idea how many lesions I have, and I have asked, only to be told coyly that I had ‘about the number that would be expected’. And my MS has been aggressive from the start, so I know that doesn’t mean anything nice! I was on Avonex for 10 years (all there was in those days, and I was lucky to get it) and have been on wonderful Tysabri for the past eight. It was a blessing for me to have something stronger to reach for when my MS switched up a gear. Unfortunately I did have to learn the hard way about the resurgent MS activity, though! :frowning: I hope you are able to make a smoother transition to a drug to keep your MS quiet, accumulating less permanent damage along the way than I did.


Thank you, for your help. I had two MRIs over two years with a new lesion each time. My neurologist is now chief of global ma research so i believe i should trust his judgment. Still…not easy. Once mavenclad is in, it’s in. It’s an immune therapy as opposed to immune suppressant. Very difficult. Thx again Katy

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*ms research. Not ma

Yes, difficult indeed. I really feel for you, Good luck with it all.