What will I be diagnosed with this time ?

Just had my MRI to see what type of MS I actually have or if I even have MS. The last year Ive been diagnosed with RRMS then that was changed to PPMS and now theyre not sure hence the new MRI.

I have all the symptoms of MS especially fatigue but they`re unable to pinpoint the diagnosis.

Overall I do feel better than this time last year but I just want to know now so I can get on with my life.

The not knowing is annoying me now.


And be offered drug therapy to manage symptoms(ppms) or slow down disease progression(rrms)

Hope you get to know what you have.

All the best

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Yeh, Scudge, like you I dont like having this huge ? on my bonce!


Hi Polls

I dont know how I will cope if I have to wait as long as you. With all the latest technology available now to what there was 20 years ago why the delay ? Ive always been told “A bad workman always blames his tools”.

It`s not rocket science. Either I have MS or not.

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Same here Nero thought I had NMO but was negative. over 4 mouths later he now thinks my brain stem lesion and optic neriasis is down to celiac and I haven’t even been diagnosed with it yet. It sounds like neros don’t like to diagnose MS so try to find something else less expensive treat. So back in limbo land yet again.

How about justifying the salary they earn by giving a correct diagnosis.

If I performed the unprofessional way that they do when I was working I would`nt have lasted 5 minutes.

Im sick of hearing poor excuses that it is difficult to diagnose. Basically, youre no good at your job then.


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