What to expect at neurology appointment

Hi, after extensive tests with a opthamologist for wobbly eyes, the mri showed probable demyelination (?) and I’ve been referred to a neurologist, I was just wondering what is likely to happen at this first appointment.

Hello Karen,

The neurologist will ask you about your symptoms so it is a good idea to make a list, starting with the one that troubles you most and any others you have had. He will want to know your medical history. Do not hand him your list, just use it for yourself as once you are talking to him/her you could forget what you wanted to say. Not only that they would put it to one side and not glance at it. They would examine you and maybe request more tests to be carried out. It’s not as bad as it sounds but make sure you ask the questions you want.

I wish you good luck



Hi karen i have downloaded an app called sym track to try and note down symptoms my ct scan showed demyinallation I’ve had two mri scans and have an appointment with neurology consultant next week scared but actually hoping for a diagnosis xx