What time to take rebif ?

Hi all, Anyone on here at the moment can give me any advice? It’s 8.40pm and I’ve got my rebif out of fridge and am going to let it get to room temperature which means I’ll be ready to inject about 9.30pm. Is it best to take ibuprofen immediately before I inject and do you think 9.30 is too late/early to inject if i plan to go to bed about 10.30 ? I’m only on my 2nd jab and the first one was during the afternoon with the nurse, got a headache and arm ache afterwards so want to minimise any side effects. Sorry about all questions…

Hi - no need to apologise at all, it’s to be expected to have lots of questions for something new like this.

To be honest I don’t think there’s any definitive answers about when’s best to inject & take the ibuprofen. I’m not on it anymore, but when I was I think I tended to go for injecting at about half nine like you, then take the ibuprofen when I went to bed. However that was mostly because it suited my routine to do it like that, and there were plenty of times when I did things differently & I didn’t notice that much different. However what you could do is just try experimenting with different times for injecting & taking ibuprofen, and see what works best.

Good luck with it though - I found it massively helped me when I was on it, and made a huge difference in cutting down the amount & severity of relapes I was having, so I hope you get good results with it.


I take my rebiff injection at 8pm and tablets about 9. Go to bed about 10, like dan says it takes some playing around to figure out what suits you best, but I suggest you inject before bed and pop your pills shortly after so as to sleep through most of the side effects, the side effects will lessen in time. Xx Anna

Ditto what Anna says…however, I have to say, I’ve been incredibly lucky and apart from the odd headache, odd sore throat and sniffle, I’ve bad no side effects of any note. Xx