Rebif jab time

Hi. I am going out tonight at seven. I’m due to jab at quarter to eight. So tonight I need to do it earlier. How much earlier can I do it? Thanks in advance xxx


You don’t have to take your injection exactly the same time all the time that is the good thing about rebid you adjust it to your way of life like if I was going out at seven I would take it about six sometimes if I am going out for the day I take it just before I go then that is it done.I was a bit like you at the beginning until the rebif nurse told me I didn’t have to be so strict with it.Hope this help If you want to know more you can send me a personal message.Have a nice time tonight. Anne.

Thanks Annie. Think I’m going to have a shower now then take it after so itll be nearly two hours early. But don’t want to leave it until last minute x

Bit late I know, but I’ve been known to leave it much later and do it when I get in rather than risk feeling ropey when out. It seems pretty forgiving about times of day, even when it makes it a bit less than 48 hours.

Im always having to do mine at different times, especially when im on holiday and completly out of routine, i think as long as its the same day it doesnt really matter.


Thanks. I did my jab an hour earlier in the end … And I have been fine. Luckily I don’t have any side effects other than ugly site reactions. Thanks though. Now I know for future. Xxx