What should I do.??

Hello All,

I have been having various symptoms for some time, but intensifying over the last 18 months. During this period the symptoms have become more specific and the bouts defined and pronounced enough to be referred to the MS consultant. This consultant seemed to understand everything I was describing and didnt seem to want to pass it off…he rolled his eyes when I explained that tone GP had diagnosed some of the pains/ weakness/ and tingling along/ with poor coordination and poor balance as a ‘muscle virus’. At this appointment the consultant indicated that my symptoms were certainly consistent with MS ,but that he would need to ru through the tests. Anyway a few months later, having had the MRI scan and subsequently a letter from the consultant stating ‘non-specific findings’, but that we need to discuss the results… I have an appointment 27th June.

I now find myself having another bout of the symptoms/relapse- I am in day three and they are getting more pronounced etc etc.

So do I let anyone know? Do I phone the MS consultants wonderful, amazing, secretary ? Do I tell the GP? or do i shut up and tell the consultant at the appointment. I am keeping a diary of exactly what is happening.

I know some folk get allocated an MS nurse even though they have not got a definite diagnosis. Do I ask for this so I get some support. I have a very understanding family, and my daughter who is a trainee clinical psychologist has worked with MSers has been particularly supportive. Errrgh…getting psycho’d by your daughter is a bit weird…LOL !! Role reversal !!

Tell me i am being over fussy or silly…or jumping the gun…and i will happily ‘hud ma wheesht’



You must be from Scotland ‘hud ma wheesh’ don’t do that or you’ll get no answers.

I’d phone the lovely neurologists secretary. Great idea keeping a diary, I recommend it to everyone.

Hope you get some answers.

Jen x

I’d email the neuro. They are unlikely to do anything but documenting it at this stage is important and will save time when you do have your consultation.

thanks guys xx

It never occurred to me that I needed a psychologist!

Although I was sent to see one, before diagnosis, by a neurologist who insisted it was all in my mind.


Occupational Health have just referred to my nerve pain and other sensory issues as psychological. If only.