what shall i do now?

Brain mri shows two lesions. One in spine and one which enhanced in mri in contrast in brain had a LP came back showing positive obligclonal bands suggestive of MS however im still under investigation symptoms are right hand pain stiff neck nausea cold right hand got neuro appt on tuesday however today i woke up wid electric shock sensations in all body esp throqt tongue and around mouth went gp he said i have a low grade fever and said if i get worse to ring them he cant see any other problems. What shall i do now because these sensatioms are odd amd making me tired anyone else had them.

hi nazra

welcome to the world of strange sensations, ms is all about oddness!

take care hun, rest as much as you want, eat well, keep hydrated and smile through it all.

carole x

Is it normal to have a temp wid all of this

Hi, hopefully you can get through the weekend and Tuesday`s appointment will go well.

have you taken anything like paracetomol for the high temperature?

I was in limbo land for years, but now only have half a diagnosis. It isnt MS although it was for years too!


Hi Nazra, This probably applies to other neurological problems too, so I’m not saying you DO have MS. However, if you have a fever, it tends to aggravate the neuro symptoms. The neuro symptoms don’t cause the fever, or even the other way round, usually. But if you have a fever from an unrelated cause (infection), it tends to make the neuro symptoms play up more. I agree with Poll’s advice about paracetamol - if you are able to take that. It won’t treat the neuro problem, but if you can get the temperature down, the symptoms will probably ease a bit.