What other things are there then?

Looking for some insight. So many people come on here with MS type symptoms and so many people respond by saying there are loads of other things it might be…so what are those other things? If tropical stuff and vitamin deficiencies are ruled out what’s left?




Well I’m not dx yet, but I was told that I may have ME or fibromyalgia, not sure that I fit into those ‘boxes’ completely though, so at the moment I’m a bit of a mystery!


A Google search on what can mimic MS comes up with lots of info sources - usual caveat about sticking to respectable sources applies.



Goodness me, what a comprehensive response! That’s quite a list Val. What stars you all are xx

Exactly what I was thinking.

Pat x

Me three! Have taken a look at them and with my symptoms there’s only one possible other thing that’s even vaguely possible and that’s far far rarer than MS.


Snap! MS actually sounds not too bad in comparison to some of these!

I have M.E & Fibromyalgia (as well as suspected MS) and my symptoms fit with those experienced by people with MS.

Hi, I’ve been in and out of limbo for fourteen years. I’ve had optic neuritis twice which led to optic atrophy. I have spastic paresis and ataxia. 2001, I was told ME, then MS. I was with an MS specialist for four years and then discharged with we know something is wrong we just can’t identify it.

I was then told probable progressive MS. two years ago. I was then given a probable diagnosis of a hereditary neurogenetic disorder which meant there was a 50% chance of my daughter having it. last year after a meeting with a neuro opthalmologist and a neurogeneticist they felt it was neuromyelitis optica. Blood tests came back OK so now I’m having a muscle biopsy and on the hereditary disorders search again.

I’ve been on different forums over the years and met many people in limbo who were assessed initially for MS. Different people have been diagnosed with various things such as SLE, Bechet’s, hereditary disorders, subacute degeneration of the spinal cord due to b12 defficiency, neurosyphillis, HSP, PLS. stiff person syndrome and many others.

many of them struggled to get the right diagnosis but as they lived in the USA diagnosis was quicker.

Jacqui x