What else could it be?

Hi all

Further to my MRI results appointment yesterday, I’ve been reading up on conditions which mimic MS this morning and I’m struggling to find something that would cover my symptoms to date:

  • Numbness/tingling for a few weeks right around the right side of my torso. Numb patch on front of left thigh for about the same period of time. Numb left toes and left arm, both intermittently at around this same time. This was all about eighteen months ago.

  • In Jan of this year the muscles of my right eye weren’t working properly. I had double vision and was prescribed prism glasses. This went on for a few weeks.

  • I’ve had optic neuritis for eight weeks (thankfully almost better now).

  • fatigue on and off for a few years

  • a definite deterioration in my short-term memory, to the point of frustration.

  • in the last couple of weeks I’ve had some mild tingling to the toes on my right foot and finger tips of my right hand.

  • For about eighteen months (started at around the same time as the tingling), I’ve had lots of hormonal changes. I initially thought it was the beginning the peri-menopause but now I wonder if it’s linked to whatever else is going on in this weird body of mine!

Can anyone think of anything that could do all of those things? I’ve had slightly low B12 in the past (treated with injections), and my vit D levels were very low when checked recently. I’m on a loading dose for that now. Could a mild vit deficiency be responsible for all of these things?

There’s a definite lesion on my left optic nerve. The report indicated the possibility of one on my brain but the neuro wonders if that’s scan interference rather than a lesion. There was a third lesion in my neck but it’s next to a bulging disc so could be due to mechanical factors.


Thank you :slight_smile:

It is sounding very MS like, but there are hundreds of other neurological conditions, so I cant be specific.

I was wrongly diagnosed for about 10 years with PPMS.

That diagnosis was changed for HSP…hereditary spastic paraplegia…as yet also unproven.

I`ve never had any sight problems. My main issues are mobility, bladder and bowel.


Hi Polls

Thanks for your message :slight_smile:

Eek - I’m feeling frustrated with it all already, you must be thoroughly sick of it!! That’s an awful long time to cope with symptoms like that and not be entirely sure why.

I’m very grateful that nothing has impacted my mobility at all, but I’m terrified that if it attacks my eyes again, it’ll be worse and I won’t be able to drive. I live in a village and need my car, I drive to work and work on screens all day, I have a teenage son who relies on me to get him around, and two big dogs that need walking every day.

Having a moan/panic - sorry :slight_smile: