What next?


Does anyone know if/when this disease stops progressing? I mean my legs are about to succumb permanently and put me in a wheelchair full time, so I was wondering what to expect next? Im pretty positive most of the time but Ive realised that useless legs may not mean that progression ends. Would appreciate thoughts.



Hi Steve, sorry to say you are asking the impossible question. There simply is no way of knowing.

PPMS does stop progressing in some people… they say it reaches a ‘plateau’. I’ve also heard of people who’s symptoms improve after years of progression.

But for each and every one of us it’s different.

It’s hard to get your head round Steve. Best not to think about it and live ‘one day at a time’… but keep in mind that because it’s progressed this far it doesn’t mean that there will be further progression… or that other parts of your body will ever be affected.

George who uses this forum has had PPMS for 40 years and reckons his symptoms aren’t progressing now.

I can understand you asking the question… only wish there was an answer…

Pat x

I think that it is best not to know what the future holds. If I had known that I would develop MS, say 20 years ago I may have lived my life in a different way. I’m really glad I didn’t know then and I don’t want to know what will happen in the future. That’s just my personal feeling though. Others may feel differently. Teresa xx

Thanks Pat and Teresa. seems like a case for Positive Mental Attitude!!

Hi Steve, yeh everyone has a different story…all under one huge umbrella. I overthink stuff too and it drives me nuts. But it drives my hubby even more nuts!

luv Pollx

hi steve

good question,i was diagnosed 2yr ago and try to do everything recommended,diet exercise etc

in back of mind is thought i’ll be in wheelchair sometime down line, how long who knows

deal with that when it arises,to be honest still learning what can and can’t do and enjoy what can

hope your well

also steve