what if they cured ms?

Was asked this question recently (morbid i know) but its been in my head all day,  if on your death bed you were to find out that they had found a cure for ms, how would you feel about it?


I'd be delighted that those living with it would now be cured. I'd be super delighted if it was my brain/spinal cord that helped them solve the mystery! I apppreciate that I would already be dead if that was the case!

Ellie x

Pretty p***ed off that they hadn't done it sooner, but glad that others would benefit from it.

Luisa x

It depends, can I still be cured or is it to late as I’m on my death bed? I would be a bit peeved off if I was just about to pop my clogs + on the news a cure has been found. Julsiexx

Absolutely thrilled to bits. 

When a cure IS eventually found, somebody WILL be on their deathbed at the time..... Just on the basis of probability


Dead pleased!!!!!      happy2

Janet x

Breathe a mighty last sigh of relief for future generations. Then if I have time, I will wonder what they will do with me at the tissue bank.

I think it would be good news to go out on.  If I was literally on my deathbed, I can't think I'd get bitter and twisted about how it was too late for me - I wouldn't want to die feeling wronged and envious.

I'd just be relieved I was going where I wouldn't have MS any more (whatever becomes of us afterwards, I'm pretty sure MS is not a feature), and I'd be glad for future generations, that they wouldn't have to wait 'til their deathbeds to be free of it.



Advanced gene therapy to enable someone to wear high heels?

Men and women the world over will thank you for your contribution. Especially the men though…xxx

Hear, hear, I too have signed up for the Tissue bank, in the hope that it will hopefully find the answers and eventually the cure.

The way the answers keep ducking and diving makes me think it may be a ‘little’ further away than ‘just around the corner’.

Wounld be good if it was tomorrow though!!!


I would be mightily relieved that my children and other people's children wouldn't have to put up with it!

Boo 11


Tissue Bank!!! Thats the words that I failed to find when I wrote my reply previously! (brain and spinal cord covered what I meant!)

Ellie x

I think it would depend upon who delivered the news.

I expect I will die carrying a deep suspicion of the agenda of anyone telling me they have found a cure for MS.


Forgot to say, I would ask for scientific proof too, then I might die quietly.

I would feel elated and thankful that future generations would'nt have to go through this awful condition, Lets hope,  It will happen oneday i'm sure of it. xx

Same here - and thank God that all I have worked for…every event arranged and every penny donated [especially for my parachute jump] has helped.

Liz x

Have to agree with HKFooey, I would need proof some ******** wasn't trying to wind me up on my death bed.

If it were true, delighted. Excellent news to be leaving this world with.

I would end up as the first ghost 40' up a ladder, as the fire brigade tried to get all of their pension back off me, 'cos I would be MS free. Halloween on a fire engine would be a blast.