What if?

Hello everyone

Seen this somewhere else , so I thought I’d share it on here.

What would you all do first if they found a cure for MS, be interesting to find out.

I would wish my Neurologist a Happy Retirement!!!


I would walk. And walk. And walk…


Hi a cure for MS woud be incredibly fantastic!

I would also hope for a cure for HSP…my condition.

There are so man things I would do…

walk,swim, drive, dance…sing with joy!

if indeed!



i would take my little grandaughter for the longest,longest walk ever…

J x

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I’d teach my Granddaughter how to ice skate and ski

Jan x


mmm interesting…

i would maybe think along the lines of-i knew it was something simple they were missing…

then DRIVE to my aerobics class…provided i had the day off from work…


Well, as soon as my hip was better, I would take my grandchildren for long (1/2 mile!) Walk to “the hedge house” where we would have the best picnic ever and, maybe, I’d carry the 2 1/2 old some of the way back up the hill. When we got back we would bounce on the trampoline. In the evening I’d go out dancing. After a few months, when I had done some “catching up” on some of the things I’ve been missing, I’d go out on my own, just me… on my own! :slight_smile: Funny the things you miss, isn’t it?

Play my violin

I’d do everything in stilletos! Linda x

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I would do a marathon for charity :slight_smile:

erm… Go back to work.


Dance until my feet would ache.

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I would throw a party, dance all night, enjoy a hangover knowing that the feeling would go and id feel better the following day, book a skiing holiday,do the 3 peaks challenge, play hockey again, be super fit and toned, join a gym and go back to work, all the thinfs i love and made me me!

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I would walk the dogs in the countryside again,go to the gym ,cycle,play badminton,ditch my stick,frame and wheelchair.Just basically go back to normal (ish).One day hey who knows…

It’s a good question, and I find it oddly unsettling. Maybe I have even further to go than I think, coming to terms with this pile of filtered word!


I’d put on my stilettos and go dancing.

Never moan of being tired again!

Get my bright red 5" stilettos on , go to a club and dance. I hate hate my flatties so much.

Then I would get rid of all the aids I have… Maybe make a bonfire and get stinking drunk.

tilly x

Just struck me, even if I didn’t have MS I’d still be 55 and I’d still have other health problems! And if I had never got MS my life would have been very different, maybe I would have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and still ended up disabled. It’s easy to think everything would have been good if it weren’t for the MS but there are worse think that can happen to you in life!


I’d go back to work as well…I loved my job and hated to give it up.

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