what happens next....

hi all,

Ive finally got over this episode i was having. 2 months of misery. I can walk alright again, all be it not too far. pins needles, numbness, pain, vertigo etc gone. ‘Just’ left with fatigue.

anyway, I’ve had my LP and awaiting results/neuro follow, however my spine mri has come back clear (brain mri suspisous ms). I am wandering whats going to happen, if the LP is positive? or negative? not sure i can take limbo anymore and waiting for a third episode? Anyone any expierences of a positive LP and brain mri but clear spine or even only positive brain clear lp?

thanks in advance



My symptoms only really made me take notice a year ago. I have had the usual lesions show up in a bran scan and my LP was positive for the oglioclonal bands. They are still reluctant to diagnose me ( which I can understand ) as not all my symptoms check in their list. They have told me its probable MS. Sent for another scan of spinal cord a month ago and still awaiting the results. Am now just trying to get on with life and tell myself nothing within me will change if I have a diagnosis or not. I know it’s easier said than done but try and take it easy and be kind to yourself. What will be will be. Take care and I hope you find the answers soon. Big hug

Hi Kel and welcome…

It does get a bit tricky if the LP comes back negative, as it’s one of the criteria they need to diagnose MS.

Some people do have a negative LP result and if everything else has been ruled out, and all symptoms look like MS… and the MRI shows lesions, then they might get a ‘possible’ or ‘probable’ MS as diagnosis.

However this is crossing bridges way before you come to them. Wait and see what the LP result is.

I know (believe me I know) how frustrating the wait is and how you can’t think about anything else… but for now just try and wait for the result without stressing over what will happen if it’s negative.

Cross that bridge if, and when, you come to it.

Hope you get some definite news soon,

Take care,

Pat x

thanks guys.

Im sure if i knew one way or another i could move forward but feel stuck. If it is MS, getting DMDs sooner rather than later is better and I can sort my hours at work properly, Im doing half days at the min. If its not then I just want treatment for whatever.

oh well, will plod on. :0) x

If it’s any consolation I refused my LP and the neurologist was confident to give me MS diagnosis without it purely on MRI results and clinical examination and my symptoms. xxx

good luck x